Property Investment Seminar


On Wednesday 2nd March, we held a property investment seminar in the Blanket Hall in Witney along with The M Group, The Mortgage Company and Everyman Legal. The motive behind this was to inform local investors of upcoming changes in the law, ideas on what to look for in a good investment, where to look and where to find the right advice.

Attached are the slides from the presentation which you will hopefully find interesting. The presentation from Geoffrey Cotterill at Everyman Legal will follow as a separate blog post in due course. This will have some added useful information which had to be omitted on the night due to time restrictions.

If you would like any further details or clarification on anything mentioned in the attachment, please feel free to contact any of the below:

Contact: Laura Lamb
Phone: 01993 834700 / 07968870199

Contact: Brendan Kay
Phone: 01993 708638 / 07766728879

Contact: Darren Green
Phone: 01993 776476 / 07789 882507


Witney Investor Seminar Presentation