It’s Official – West Oxfordshire best in England!


  • Research for BBC’s Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour has named the English local authority of West Oxfordshire as the best place to live in England if you are a woman.

  • All of the top five areas in which to live in the UK as a women boast house prices close to, or above, the UK average of £226,000. East Dunbartonshire and East Renfrewshire exceed the Scottish average of £149,186 both in the top 5 most expensive authorities across Scotland. The average price paid in West Oxfordshire over the previous 12 months was £324,051.

Women in Oxfordshire

  • Locations across the North West and Wales proved to offer the best option in terms of housing affordability, with average house prices less than four times average median income. Both Copeland and Burnley have experienced double-digit house price growth over the last year, over twice the level of the North West as a whole.


  • Ranked in the top five overall, locations across Oxfordshire proved the best location for women based on their lifestage. West Oxfordshire ranked the number one location for younger woman (age 18–30), while neighbouring South Oxfordshire topped the league for older woman (aged 65 and over) thanks to low mortality rate, low crime and less isolation.