Oxfordshire Property Sales Plummet

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The latest data from the ONS suggests that the volume of property transactions in Oxfordshire have plummeted[1]. Across the County as a whole, 26% fewer properties have been sold than 12 months previously whilst values have risen in line with inflation and crept up +2.7% to an average of £356,262. This compares with an average price of £243,339 (up +5.3%) across England.

As always, the picture differs significantly around the County with some noticeable headlines:

  • For the first time, average prices in South Oxfordshire (£416,226) have exceeded those of the City (£414, 612).
  • Oxford City was the only district to see an increase in transactions (+9.6%)
  • Vale of the White Horse saw a staggering -36.9% drop in transactions
  • South Oxfordshire values grew the most (+5.8%) and West Oxfordshire the least (+0.1%)
  • Nearby Cotswold District saw prices rise +12.6% to £393,557, the 5th highest rise in England

Graph 1

Drilling into the detail for West Oxfordshire, the latest Land Registry data shows property prices rising 4% over the last year against a 7% drop in transaction. In Carterton, compared with 12 months previously, values are up +12% against a -19% drop in houses sold.

Graph 2

[1] 12 months to November 17

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