The Price of Beauty? Cost per sq ft

  • Recently a list of the 10 most beautiful places to live was published and it got us wondering whether there is a cost attached to buying a home in these places.
  • We looked at prices in terms of £ per sq ft – and ranked places across the country according to their type, ie a village, town or city.
  • National Costs
  • For example, Tenby in Pembrokeshire is one of the most beautiful places to live and properties sold in 2017 averaged £236 per square foot. This average value puts it in 525th place for all towns across the country.
  • Cost of Beauty
  • The correlation between beauty and price is much greater with cities than with towns. As well as being in the top ten for beauty, Cambridge, Bath and Brighton are all in the top ten for £ per sq ft for cities across the country. Meanwhile, Ross on Wye was 583 out of 1150 towns.
  • Closer to home, unsurprisingly Oxford tops the charts on a cost per sq ft basis whereas the picturesque Cotswold District comes in at the least expensiveWest Oxon Costs