Oxfordshire Property Sales Plummet

St Marys Mead

The latest data from the ONS suggests that the volume of property transactions in Oxfordshire have plummeted[1]. Across the County as a whole, 26% fewer properties have been sold than 12 months previously whilst values have risen in line with inflation and crept up +2.7% to an average of £356,262. This compares with an average price of £243,339 (up +5.3%) across England. Read more

Twelfth Night

Clean 12 daysAs with so many festive traditions, the twelve days of Christmas leading to Twelfth night are familiar, even if their roots seem a little shrouded.  Generally recognised as the period been Christmas day and the Coming of the Epiphany the period marked the traditional length of Christmas festivities.  Pagan beliefs also explain the tradition of taking down festive decorations on Twelfth Night.  These decorations often took the form of evergreen foliage (typically holly and ivy) and some believed that tree spirits sheltered in the decorative sprigs.  Removing them either before or after Twelfth Night came to be regarded as unlucky as the disgruntled spirits would exact a toll in the following year’s crops! Read more

How Dense is Your Neighbour(hood)?


Looking at the revised West Oxfordshire Local Plan and the requirement to deliver 660 new homes per annum until 2031, I thought it might be worth considering what these new developments might look like. How do the more recent, strategic developments stack up and what’s changing? Over the years housing densities have changed as new developments seemingly cram an ever-increasing number of properties into the available space. Looking at the biggest differences then you might be surprised to note that the average dwelling size is pretty consistent, it’s just the number of people within the given space which has rocketed. It’s time to get friendly with the (very close) neighbours!


Looking at the bigger picture, the most densely populated District in England (population per km2) is Islington at 15,670 and the least is Eden (Cumbria) at 24! Across Oxfordshire, the picture is more mixed. Oxford City comes in at 3,537, Cherwell is next at 248, followed by VoWH at 222, then South Oxfordshire at 203. West Oxfordshire is the least densely populated and at 152 people per km2 it’s the second least densely populated District in the South-East.

Where do tenants move from?

Finding data on the profile of tenants and actual rents paid (not just asking rents) has been like hunting for the Holy Grail in the property world, which is why we are delighted to announce that we have a new, large and reliable source, integrated into our databank and we will be digging deep in the coming months to explore trends and reveal insights.

For instance, we have been surprised by the short distances tenants generally move for a rental property. Over a quarter of tenants in England and Wales starting new tenancies in the last 12 months moved less than a mile from their previous home.


Looking ahead – Predictions for the West Oxfordshire Property Market in 2018

Supply & Demand – Population

Local government forecasts predict a 29% increase in the population of the Witney area over the next 10 years. Coupled with the exceptionally low rate at which we are building new homes and sales volumes (the number of properties sold) dropped by 19% in 2017 (compared with 2016) and the market fundamentals remain out of balance. Read more

Witney and West Oxon Property Forecast…..Where are we now and what is next..

Blanket Hall SketchOn 9th November 2017, four professionals from some of Oxfordshire’s local businesses gathered together to present at the historic Witney Blanket Hall on investing in Oxfordshire property.

If you missed the presentation or in the absence of the Great British Bake Off you’d like to watch a video of the presentation then this is available on our facebook page which can be accessed here FB.

If you would like to download the slides from the presentation, you can do so here – http://bit.ly/seminarslides


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